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Tu Shanshu is a year ahead of real life, therefore threads created in 2017 are actually 2018 in the game.

January 2018

00 - January Catchall
Valdis - Valdis and Pepper discuss the failed Shadow Test.
Marie - During the hurricane that sweeps across the turtle, Marie and Pepper do some baking to keep their minds off it.
Bisi/Valkyr - Pepper gets to see the new Warframe and works with Valkyr on the storm cleanup.
Costigan - Pepper bumps into Costigan outside the KPD and chats over recent events.
Raine - After Raine gets her ka, Pepper goes to see her and talk about the test.
Bakura - Pepper and Bakura hang out at the dojo, and she gets to hear an Egyptian myth about senet.
Kratos - During storm recovery, Pepper meets a new Foreigner who is almost as stubborn as her.

03 - Bakura - When the worst of the storm has passed, Pepper finds Bakura. Upon finding out that the dojo was damaged, she invited him to stay at the house until its repaired.
05 - Elizabeth - In the chill and the damp, Pepper and Elizabeth take a break to help with cleanup from the storm.
08 - Marie - Marie thinks about opening a bakery and Pepper is all for this idea.
10 - Erskine - Pepper and Erskine didn't exactly part on the best of terms at the Healers Guild, and she goes to see him to remedy that.

February 2018

00 - February Catchall
Bakura and Tony - Pepper invites Bakura to stay at the house until the dojo is repaired, and Tony comes home to learn of this news.
Aya - It's snowing, and Pepper and Vee get into a snowball fight with Aya.
Zelos - Following the conversation with Kratos, Pepper goes to talk to Zelos about what she's learned of his past.
Adrien - An incidental swap of memories confirms what Pepper has suspected for a while: Adrien and Chat Noir are one and the same.
Costigan - Pepper spots Costigan doing 'recon' on the dojo and goes to chat.
Bakura - Pepper goes to see Bakura late at night and finds he as an unexpected visitor. Yelling and new understanding entails.
Miles - At the Hotel, Pepper and Miles share memories and she learns more than she wanted to about the Walrider.

02 - Zelos - Pepper can't help but chime in on an exchange between Raine and Zelos.
02 - Bakura - And Bakura jumps in on the network post.
02 - Raine - Pepper offers her assistance, keeping on task this time.
05 - Raine - With the snowfall, Pepper takes it upon herself to start a snowball fight with Raine.
08 - Marie - Roommates get up early in the morning.
09 - Tony - Tony and Pepper share memories and grief over the loss of their mothers when they were children.
10 - Kratos - Concerned for Zelos, Kratos comes to see Pepper and some memories get swapped accidentally.
11 - Bakura - Pepper gets a glimpse of Bakura's past.
13 - Kurogane - Pepper says hello to a newcomer.
18 - Virgil Potts - It's Fourth Wall and dad is back!
19 - Tony and Jin Ying - Uh oh. Gene's mom is in town.

March 2018

03 - Gene - Jin is in town, and Gene has been avoiding her. Pepper isn't having with this.
05 - Anzu Mazaki - Pepper meets someone from Bakura's world during the Foreigner influx.
10 - Erskine and Hopeless - Erskine's red-haired boyfriend is in town for Fourth Wall, and Pepper is thrilled to meet him finally.
12 - Bakura - Diabound is back!
15 - Raine - Diabound's return is near miraculous, but it's also not without risk, and Raine goes to see Pepper to ask for an extra pair of eyes.
17 - Brigid - Pepper answers a question about items showing up from home.
18 - Valdis - Pepper and Vee are working at the greenhouse construction sites, and Valdis has some questions for the ka.
19 - Heather - Heather is looking for a sparring partner. Bakura is less than pleased.
20 - Gene - Gene is using the greenhouse construction as a distraction.

April 2018

00 - April Catchall
Gene - Pepper is practicing summoning with Vee, and she and Gene get to talking about Shadow Tests.
Heather - Pepper and Heather spar.
Sonja - During the recent rash of thefts, Sonja has lost a bracelet and goes to report it.

02 - Alex - Heading to work, Pepper sees that Alex has a new house.
05 - Miles - In the market, Miles and Pepper chat about story scoops and Shadow magic.
05 - Aly - Pepper says hello to another new Foreigner and learns about gods and spirits.
06 - Zatanna - It's been a while since Zatanna and Pepper sat down and had desserts during girltalk.
08 - Elizabeth - Pepper shows Elizabeth some Shadow magic.
10 - Bakura - Pepper goes to see Bakura and Diabound outside the city.
12 - Zelos - Something's been stolen, and Pepper does her best to keep things from getting out of hand.
19 - Bakura - Bakura gets Dusted and attacks a kedan at the dojo, and Pepper tries to stop him.
20 - Miles - The Walrider makes an unfortunate appearance when Miles get Dusted and attacks Pepper.

May 2018

00 - May Catchall
Adrien - Things have been tense lately, and Adrien brings donuts to cheer Pepper up.
Kratos - Noticing that Pepper has been rather busy later, Kratos brings her tea at work as a pointed reminder to take breaks.
Tony - After dropping Miles off at the Healers Guild, Tony finds Pepper at home rather rattled.

00 - (backdated to April) Valdis - Valdis successfully completed her Shadow Test and has some questions for Pepper about summoning.
00 - (backdated to April) Valdis and Bakura - After Bakura gets de-Dusted, Valdis comes to arrest him for his attack of Chesala.
02 - Zatanna - Pepper attends a meeting for the new Foreigners Guild and discusses the proceedings with Zatanna.
04 - Sherlock - Sherlock picks Pepper's brain about Valdis' accuser.
04 - Kylo (anonymous) - Pepper will not stand for the accusations against Valdis.
05 - Bakura - Welp. Her boyfriend is in jail, so Pepper goes to keep him company.
06 - Valdis - Pepper wasn't on her best behavior when Valdis came to arrest Bakura, and she goes to apologize. It doesn't end well.
07 - Gene - Things are extra busy and extra crummy lately, and Gene and Pepper have a quiet chat at the dojo in Bakura's absence.
08 - Miles - Miles has been avoiding Pepper after attacking her with the Walrider, and she's not having it.
25 - Miles - Pepper isn't taking any chances after the attacks on the 23rd, so she's on patrol at the Ban Om Festival.

June 2018

00 - June Catchall
Gene - Pepper is spending time at the turtle's head and Gene comes to talk with her about kaa and Shadow magic.
Bakura - Pepper has been working too hard, and she passes out on Bakura's couch.
Jack - Pepper gets to introduce Vee to Jack.
Valdis - After their confrontation, Valdis comes to explain herself and apologize.
Raine - Neither Pepper nor Raine is good at breaks, and Raine needs the reminder.

00 - (backdated to May 25) Miles - In the wake of the attacks, Miles goes Walrider on his handset and Pepper gives him some suggestions along with some sustenance.
05 - Marinette - Pepper says hello to a re-arrival.
14 - Jack Harkness - There's a new Foreigner in town, and he's very charming.
17 - Marinette - Pepper has made a new shopping friend!

July 2018

00 - July Catchall
Jack - The Winter Spirit meets Vee; continued from June
Bakura - Time to play in the rain, and apparently also the mud. Things do not go as expected.
Gene - Dancing in the rain!

06 - Miles - Since the situation with the Walrider has become more dangerous, Pepper offers to help Miles practice.
10 - Bakura - Hanging out at the dojo and chatting about thunderstorms.
16 - KPD Announcement | Valdis - Valdis is back at the head of the KPD! Pepper suggests a party.

August 2018

00 - July Catchall
Marinette - Pepper and Marinette bump into each other at the night markets, and Marinette has some awesome news to share.

01 - Valdis - Pepper is stoked about the Midsummer Ball.
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